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14th-Jan-2010 05:07 pm - god why is sailor moon so retarded.
Till Death Do Us Part.
This is a once-a-year meme I've never done. I'm leaving it public so everyone has a chance. Also, comments are off because no I'm not telling you if it's you or not, kthnx.

Stolen from xenafox:


1) You're literally the best friend I've ever had, so when you make memes and it ask who your best friends are and there's five, three being people you've met at school within in the past year, and you leave me off, I get really down and offended. We've been friends for going on ten years now, can you really just put me off like that?

2) You hurt me a lot as a child, and I never forgave you. Then you got all pretty and popular and hot and I hated you. We were only friends, it felt like, on Sundays at church, and you rarely talked to me at school, so I was very angry at you. But now we're grown up. You were the first person who ever told me to my face that others were scared of being blunt with me because "everyone thinks you'll just go kill yourself!" I hated you until then. I was bitter and jaded. But now I've realized you made me grow into a better person, and I thank you for that. A lot. I hope you and your husband are married for forty-billion years and have little babies so I can be an aunt again.

3) You are a great friend who I have treated like crap far too much. I don't know why or how, but I started ignoring you several years ago...but you still wanted me to come to birthday parties and meet your new boyfriend and friends and things like that. For some reason, and I don't know what it was, you really made me want to stab you in the eyes. I was really nasty to you, and I don't know why that was, but when I realized that, well, I tried to distance myself even further, but you weren't having any of that. Now that you're moving away for study abroad, I'm really missing you already and wishing I could apologize when you don't even realize anything was missing on my end.

4) You are easily the smartest person I have ever met. Sure, you can be bratty, and you're pretty spoiled, but you've got smarts coming out both ends that I could never match. I can ask you a question about most anything covering a wide array of subjects and you'll know the answer...but when you make fun of me for not knowing it, I really just want to punch you in the mouth. I never say anything when you do this, though, because I'm not sure how you'll take it. So...stop...maybe you know who you are, but yeah. Stop it.

5) You are...a little creepy, not gonna lie...but I like you anyway. Even if you're a little creepy. Sometimes you creep me out till I have shivers running up my spine but OH WELL YOU'RE OKAY IN MY BOOK.

6) Quit being a baby. Life sucks, get over it. People are assholes, other people will help them do that, and everyone in general runs off of pain and hate. To some extent, anyway. Grow a spine.

7) YOU are the NICEST person in the world. I used to watch how your "best friend" treated you and wanted to kill something. She walked all over you, talked bad about you behind your back, and yet you came running back thinking everyone was okay. Now you've got an awesome career ahead of you, you're a strong Christian, and you have good values. I'm jealous.

8) I thought you were so mature. Then I found out otherwise. There goes any respect I had for you. All's fair in war and lies, after all.

9) I have every reason to hate you with every fiber of my being. You're a spoiled selfish brat who doesn't care about anyone other than yourself, and you know this and do nothing about it. You pick terrible friends who coddle you and hold your hand and whisper lies in your ears about everything and anything, but you either love being lied to so much that you are comfortable with them or you really can't handle the truth you say you know and therefore have to fall back on a mattress pad of a bazillion "friends" who are going to kiss your ass and suck shit out your anus like an alcoholic does on whiskey. You're a liar, a thief, a backstabber, and you deserve the worst karma has to bring. All that aside, you make me a sad panda bear that people can be so delusional and I wish you'd have something truly, truly terrible happen to you to realize that your life is actually pretty damn awesome, it's just you as a person you have to work on.

10) I forgive you.
8th-Jan-2010 06:43 pm - daaaaayum dawg
Ohhhh Pepper. You win so *SO* much.
It's fourteen degrees outside.

In Florida.

...if it snows I'm going to go crazy. It's not fair :C I'm usually wearing flip-flops and tees this time of the year!

afhadsklfh ughhhh
I will eat your fuckin' head off!
Fuck you too, Konami.

If you want to talk about, post that there's spoilers. In big, bold font. Make it blink if you want, I don't care, I just don't want to spoil anyone. But the idea that Konami needs to go die in an eternal fire is still there. ♥
I'm really starting to hate my college.

I had an A at midterms and kept at least Bs on my test. So how the FUCK did I make an F overall? And, of course, the fuckheads aren't open until January so I can't get any fookin' answers. My parents won't even LOOK at me. I'm like the worst, most disappointing daughter ever on the face of God's green earth ever ever EVER. I think parents are prouder of their crackhead kids who get pregnant at fifteen than my parents are proud of a college fuckwit who keeps getting poor grades even though she does all but one assignment of her damn homework, is third best in class, and how the HELL DID I MANAGE TO FAIL WHAT THE CRAP?!??!?!?

I can't believe this shit. This is RIDIC.

Not only that, no, but spending three days at the freezing cold Hilton in Destin in nothing more than short dresses, hosiery, and heels has rendered me sick as crap and I feel like it, too. It's ridic as well. I'm doped up on DayQuil at the moment and feel like tearing apart a dog's face with my own bare hands.

Not to mention I'm frickin' out of work for nearly a month. That means nearly four hundred dollars of time and effort are going to be missing from my bank account and so I freaking have to pull out of my savings account, much to my mother's hatred.


...con pictures later, promise.
13th-Dec-2009 05:12 pm - FYAND ME A CHURCH.
Coy much?
I'm at peace with myself, and I'm finally, finally unafraid to admit that I am a proud asexual.

Also, something to lol at:

Friend: butch is more like the right term
Friend: it's butch and femme, not dyke and femme
Me: ...I thought butch was a slut
Me: ...slur
Me: baaad typo
Oh God oh God oh God.

The lovely folks at trans_9 have talked me into apping Mystique from X-Men. The problem? I don't like how she looks in the movies, and she is damn fine smokin' hot in the comics. The other problem? I'd feel bad using comic icons for movie her. So guess what?

Yes, I am now officially a comic nerd. No lie.

Now, the most important part:

I'm poor. Please send money for more comics hadfkjlasfjads
You're catwalkin' baybeh.
Okay, so.

I was in a chat and this sick sick person linked this:


It's an awesome spork of a fic that could only be described as: "Written by a more obsessive, wanting an abusive relationship than the author of Twilight."

I could give it a little leeway. Really. And then I got about ten lines into it...and. Wow. So fucking depraved. It's awful.

And now? I think I'll read all twenty-seven chapters and leave a flame the size of Massachusetts.

God be with me.

4th-Dec-2009 06:38 pm - Hey hey hey.
Your Stupid Does Not Amuse Frollo.
The Florida Public School System is atrocious, the FCAT is a piece of shit, and I'm starting to really dislike George Bush for this idiotic "No Child Left Behind" Act he signed.

This is bullshit.
I saw it and couldn't resist.

Keep on rockin', guys. ♥
I have acute bronchitis and am under quarantine until my fever breaks.


Dear God,

I get it now. I'll stop smoking after this pack.

Your ~*~child~*~,
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